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Equiwinner Vet Reports and Testimonials

This is a page of unsolicited testimonials about Equiwinner.

  • From: John Stinebaugh, quarter horse trainer.

    Double Down Special wins record All American Derby purse of 774,342 dollars at Ruidoso Downs last month!

    I tried Equiwinner on five horses for a variety of reasons, tying-up, non-sweating and bleeding. All five horses benefitted, their coats improved and they all seem happier. You can tell that their general health and well being has improved.

    Equiwinner worked really well on two bad bleeders that bled through Lasix. When we ran them after the treatment, they did not bleed even after cutting Lasix in half so we feel we have made a big move in the right direction.

    Double Down Special was one of the horses we treated and Equiwinner made him a very happy horse. He went on to win the All American Derby just two weeks after the treatment. Well, we are all very happy now and we're very impressed with Equiwinner and how it has helped our horses.

  • From: Kaylene Gibson in July 2012

    We had a 2 year old filly that was tying up badly. Her levels were extremely high and she was stopping when racing. Our trainer was given the Equiwinner patches by us and her levels have gone from over 2,000 back to 306 in 2 weeks. She even raced on Sunday and her levels were 306 today. The patches have worked a treat and our trainer and vet are convinced they are great. They are going to try them on others in the stable.

  • From: S. R. Gittins BVSc GPCert(EqP) MRCVS
    Veterinary Scientist, Veterinary Surgeon, Equine Practitioner (UK)

    Just to give you some feedback on the Equiwinner patches.

    I have used them in a number of cases as recommended and have had very good success. I have used Equiwinner for many bleeders (Exercise Induced Pulmonary Haemorrhage), some of which have been chronic cases. So far they are all doing well with no relapses. In one case a second course was needed.

    A most pleasing case was a fifteen year old cob mare who had been tying up since last November. She is now back in work, doing well and ‘looking fantastic’.

    I have also seen Equiwinner used in showing horses and again the owners are very pleased with the shine they put on the horses and how well they look.

    I am currently trialling them in poor performance and under performing horses. Although I have only so far used them on four animals, each one has shown an improvement in performance and racing time.

  • From: Nicole Stewart in February 2013.

    Just wanted to shoot you a message to thank you again for the awesome patches. My horse is no longer headshaking!! I am so relieved that there was this solution for the problem, because he is going to be a brilliant horse and it would have been a shame to see headshaking affect his performance.

  • From: Angela Grant

    Thanks so much. I can't tell you how happy we were with the Equiwinner patches last year (2008). My daughter owns a horse who is a headshaker. We tried everything over the past few years to help him with his aliment. We tried allergy supplements, massage therapy, acupuncture, meds, a new saddle, and a nose net.

    Nothing worked like the patches worked. My daughter was able to successfully show her boy last year without the nose net and no headshaking.

    Thanks again, you have made our life so much easier, and I will tell everyone I know who owns a headshaker to try your products.

  • From: Rick Zeron (Canadian Hall of Fame)

    I used Equiwinner patches on 2 horses that were tying-up and had great success. It also kept them well hydrated. It's a great product. Try it!

  • From: Dr. Paola Gulden DVM
    Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (Italy)

    Equiwinner patches were tested on two standardbred horses in training.

    A 6 year old bay stallion and a 4 year old bay stallion, both with known history of EIPH grade 5, were put under treatment with Equiwinner Patch for ten days, changing the patch every day as described in the instructions for use. During the treatment both horses were not allowed to stay out in the paddock, because rolling could possibly cause the detachment of the patch, and also because of the hot climate. Both horse were only exercised in the walker two times a day, every day, for ten days. No pharmacologic treatments were administered to the horses during the time of the using of patch.

    The 6 year old was trained as usual at the end of the treatment, and raced ten days after the end of the use of the patches. He raced very well, coming second even after a break at the start. Endoscopic examination 45 minutes after the race revealed no presence of blood in the trachea. At the second race after the end of the treatment the horse performed slightly worse and the endoscopic examination revealed presence of blood in trachea (grade 1 on a scale from 1 to 5).

    The second horse tested was put back in training and was checked at the stable after the first fast trainig. This horse was used to being trained at this speed after furosemide administration (Lasix). In this case, with no pharmacological treatment, the endoscopic examination after exercise was completely negative. Also the levels of lactate in blood were under usual values. The horse raced three days after this work. Endoscopic examination after the race revealed few traces of blood in trachea (grade 0.5).

  • From: Debbie Sloan (Canada)

    I just posted a note on our headshaking website giving your product credit for the great improvement we've seen in our headshaking horse and I wanted to write and thank you for all your help. Taylor has improved so much in the past couple of weeks. For the first time in 3 summers my daughter has been able to ride without having to deal with the terrible affliction of headshaking.

    Now possible to ride without the Guardian mask after using the patches. Thanks again for developing the product, and for your online and telephone support.

  • From: Mary Willing

    I just had to respond to you about your patches. When I was surfing the web and came across your site I was ready right then and there to try them. I had many horse people and some horse trainers tell me I was crazy. They didn't believe it, tried to talk me out of it and said don't believe everything you read. One trainer even told me that he had been training for a lot of years and if there was truely anything for bleeders like that he would know about it and he never heard of them.

    Well, I followed my own instinct. I got the patches for my horse that was vet certified as a bleeder by more than one vet and used them on him. On race day I got him to his race late and had no time to give him lasix. He was tired from the trailer ride and didn't do so good but he DIDN'T BLEED. 4 races since then 2 of them he was just 1 length out of first and the other 2 he won. Guess what he DIDN'T BLEED.

    I just ordered another set for another horse. They can all be sceptical while I head for the winners circle. If they totaled up what they spend on lasix for one year and the horse running 2 times a month they are cutting their cost by 50%. That alone makes worth trying. With 100% back guarantee I wonder what they are waiting for. See you in the Winners Circle!!!!!!!!!!

  • From: Ann Tiernan (Florida)

    Just to let you know, I'm really pleased with the results ! My horse is sweating SO much better than she ever has. Very happy to have found Equiwinner !

  • From: Joe Cary Carroll (NC)


  • From: Karen Davies (UK)

    I just thought I would let you know that after using the Equiwinner patches my coloured cob had such energy and a really shiny coat. We got through to the CHAPS National Championships 2005 at the first attempt and got second place in the ridden and third place in hand with everyone admiring him!

  • From: Catherine (Melbourne Equestrian)

    An update on Interacts. He has now had the patches on for five days and this morning he was like a two year old colt...not a four year old gelding!!! I also have noticed a big improvement in his coat and general attitude to work and we are only five days into the course of Equiwinner.

  • From: Vincent (Sydney)

    I have Hardware Joe a pacer, who was a bleeder and bled both nostrils in a race and was barred from racing for 3 months. On his return and leading up to race fitness he bled and I gave him a course of Equiwinner.

    Shortly after he had a win, 2x 2nd's and 3 thirds from 10 starts, Hardware Joe races currently and races each week and has shown no signs of bleeding. He will be racing next Tuesday or Wednesday at Harold Park and you can see him on SKY Racing channel. I have also found it improves their performance.

    Another one of mine who showed red rings around his nostrils (minor bleeding), after racing is Indiana Rocker, I also treated him with patches and he hasn't bled since and is sprinting home incredibly fast in his races. he will race Tuesday or Wednesday Harold Park.

  • From: Michele

    Hi! I too tried Equiwinner patches. I really wanted to make sure that the results were real. I tried my patches in May. I have not had any headshaking this summer at all - not even a twitch! I will keep you posted as to my mare's progress. Thanks - Michele and Autumn

  • From: Jessica

    All I can say is THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! I took her out today and she didn't headshake at all and considering that I had a new girth on her and it rubbed her badly she should of really bucked me off, but she carried on with the ride as if nothing was wrong!! She was so relaxed it was like riding a different horse, I've been grinning so much since the change that my cheeks hurt! Thank you again, I will be recommending your Equiwinner patches to everybody and I'm even going to get some for my other horse just as a boost for him.

  • From: David Anderson (Trainer)

    Jb's Golden Regret dominated 10 rivals in Saturday's 100,000 US dollar M2 Technology La Senorita Stakes at Retama Park in Texas. After being bumped and stumbling at the start, the Kentucky-bred daughter of Banker's Gold tracked the pace, went to the front on the second turn and won off by 2 1/4 lengths. Jb's Golden Regret ran the 1 mile on a sloppy track in 1:42.79 This 2-yr old filly was named "Regret" because I was told that I would regret training her. She was bleeding and cribbing. She did so well in training after using the Equiwinner patches that she was entered in this 100,000 dollar stakes even though she had never done the mile before. A great win and no bleeding! I have ordered more Equiwinner to prepare her for her next race in December.

  • From: Karen Cowling (UK)

    I was so worried that my daughters promising show pony was lacking impulsion, had a poor coat, was not eating or drinking properly and had coloured urine. I was recommended to try Equiwinner and saw a transformation to full fitness in a few days. I am writing to tell you that the pony has now qualified for the Royal London show at the first attempt!

  • From: Leesa Scorgie

    I am happy to report the patches have worked wonders on my horse for headshaking. I used the 10 day course and yes after 15 to 20 days my horse seems to of completely stopped his headshaking. This is usually the worst time of the year and now I am able to ride him with no symptoms at all.
    It’s taken me this long to reply as I kept thinking maybe it is just a coincidence, but I am sure they have really worked. When I look at the patches I wonder how the hell they would work at all and, trust me, after the nine day stage I thought I had wasted my money.
    I cannot believe the difference in him, its just amazing. I am all most tempted to take off his nose net now as I feel he will be fine without it (I have used a nose net for over two years).
    Thank you for this fantastic product and I have already recommended it to another friend who also has a headshaker. I will certainly be recommending it to anyone I can.
    Thanks once again, and I will certainly be using them in the future.
    Regards Leesa Scorgie

  • From: Larkspur (Advanced Rider)

    I don't know how it worked, but it did. I completed the 10-day treatment May 5. My horse now sweats like a normal horse should in a work-out. He has never sweat like this before. I could ride him hard in the heat and have nothing but a totally dry, panting, pissed off animal. My strategy was to ride late at night, or if riding in the heat I would completely hose him down before riding and then stop to hose him off intermittently when he started puffing.
    Occasionally, when the stars were aligned just right, he would manage a light sweat under his neck, between his front legs and in the groin. Now he's getting a consistent, all-over sweat every ride, and it hasn't even been hot here yet. It was in the low-mid 70s today and when I brought him in from the pasture he already had a sweat going between his legs. I have NEVER found him anything but totally dry on the hottest days of summer.
    I decided to try Equiwinner after my friend applied the first patch to her non-sweating Friesian. The trainer got on to ride, and within 30 minutes the horse was sweating head to toe.
    Reported at:

  • From: Leanne Sadler
    (Full article in Hoofbeats magazine Dec 2007)

    I have been following the Head Shaking articles in Hoofbeats and would like to let readers know that I am still pinching myself at the results of these patches.
    To this day, I have observed that Jordan has been FREE from symptoms in the paddock and not even a twitch when being ridden. He has returned to being his normal self and we can now look forward to competing.
    I can't thank Equiwinner enough for giving me my horse and my dream back!

  • From: Salimali (enthusiast)
    Reported to Horse and Hound online 21 Nov 2009

    My 17 year old arab has been having bleeds on and off for years, not only when fit and in work but also turned out at grass. He has had extensive checks with a specialist vet where he was endiscoped, it happens fairly commonly with racehorses too. He still hunts and for the last 2 years we have treated him with Equiwinner patches, available from a firm from north wales. He had 2 10 day courses of these and has had nothing since.

  • From: Kingaroo (Veteran)
    Reported to BarrelHorseWorld online 21 Apr 2010

    My horse bled through 4cc's of lasix twice. My vet recommended Equiwinner patches. They didn't work the first time. I tried them again 2 weeks later and followed the instructions to a "T" That was 4 years ago and the very 1 week back in competition he was running 1D. I use them once a year for 10 days for maintenance. He's ran 1D ever since then. It's 120 USD for a 10 day treatment, no chemicals, nothing that has to be added everyday to feed. Just change the patches every 24 hours for 10 days once a year and that's all.

  • From: Howard Spooner
    Reported in Racing Post 13 Dec 2009

    Howard Spooner tells the story of how he bought an unwanted bleeder racehorse for a song from one of the UK's top trainers. After the simple Equiwinner treatment the chaser won enough money for Howard to buy two pubs! Read more here. Copyright 2009 MGN Ltd and Gale, Cengage Learning.

  • From: Rosiefronfelen
    Reported in Horse and Hound forum 26 April 2010

    We used Equiwinner on our Arab who has suffered nose bleeds on and off for years, he had two courses and it worked brilliantly. No bleeds for 3 years - I am so chuffed after being told there was no cure.

  • From: Sandy Crow, Richland, WA August 2010

    I just wanted to update you on the use of Equiwinner on my 17 yr old Buckskin mare. I used it as instructed in April. I bred my mare in May and she produced 2 embryos (twins) without super ovulating. We flushed to save both embryos and put each in 2 donor mares . . . so I will have 2 babies in the spring. AND she has NOT tied up again. Again, thank you for such a unique and successful product which I am very pleased to say, I believe that is what produced twins and has stopped the tying up in my 17 yr old mare.

  • From: Kaligirl reported to BarrelHorseWorld 19 Dec 2011

    I have had a headshaker for the past 13 years. I starting using the Equiwinner patch 2 summers ago and the results have been amazing. At first I thought it was a fluke but now I am sold on it. I am not a saleperson for Equiwinner! I just was amazed how they helped my horse. I tried everything under the sun believe me. Don't be discouraged, my horse has been competing on the pro level and winning money with this problem. It is possible but just takes alot of time to fiqure out what works best for your horse. Try them and give it time to work. I did not see immediate results but he slowly started to improve until it stopped completely. I put the patch on every spring for prevention though. I invested the 100 USD and in two months I won over 2,000 USD at a time he would have been at his worst, and this happened two summers in a row so I am a firm believer. Good luck and don't give up. There is hope. :)

    Equiwinner has saved many hundreds of horses from conditions where their owners were told there was no hope and no treatment. Equiwinner is the trade mark of a very successful product developed to stop bleeding (EIPH), non-sweating (anhidrosis) and headshaking in horses. Equiwinner is owned by Therapina Ltd, a company located in Wales, UK For over 300 years horse riders have seen blood at the nostrils during or soon after performance work in a percentage of athletically trained horses. Equiwinner Makes Horses Sweat Efficiently! The horse is one of the few mammals that, like humans, relies on skin sweating as the main method of cooling during heat or exercise. Horse Headshaking - Cause and Cure for the First Time in History. After a ten day course of Equiwinner including normal daily exercise, the circulation will be normal, and that is the end of the headshaking in any horse which has recently started this distressing condition. Equiwinner Always Increases Horse Performance Equiwinner has revolutionised the treatment of common conditions in horses for which it was the previous expert advice that there was no treatment. Equiwinner : : Instructions for Using the Famous Equiwinner Patch Worldwide Equine Specialist Distributors for Equiwinner Equiwinner safe secure online ordering for immediate dispatch. Equiwinner contact us or we will phone you and pay for the call. Equiwinner FAQ frequently asked questions about horses and how they can be easily cured of common conditions, EIPH,
non-sweating and headshaking, as well as improving performance.
    How do I know if a horse I am buying is a headshaker? How do I stop headshaking during dressage? How do I get proper hydration in my endurance horse? Is horse lung bleeding (EIPH) caused by the force of galloping? How do you measure a horse's blood pressure? Can Equiwinner be used on a horse with a long thick coat?

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